Climate change is a very significant issue today. Causing numerous detrimental effects to the environment, including ocean acidification, higher sea levels, increased extinction rates for endangered species, erratic weather patterns, etc., the issue has a plethora of negative consequences. Furthermore, despite the prevalence of this issue, numerous schools aren’t taught about climate change/ways we can combat these issues. While the primary intention of my project is to help stop climate change through my own civic actions, I hope to also educate others and encourage them to make a difference as well.

          Climate change is an extremely significant issue for numerous reasons. Firstly, climate change leads to erratic weather patterns, potentially contributing to the violent storms that we, Americans, have faced recently. According to the Climate Council and the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, it is extremely probable that climate change is the cause of our “worst weather” (storms, hurricanes, wildfires, etc.) Indirectly, climate change affects us every day because of this weather. Secondly, climate change affects our agricultural supplies. According to many sources, climate change has stunted growth of select crops. Potentially affecting the food supply of communities all around the world, increased climate change could be devastating to humans. Finally, climate change has caused ecosystems around the globe to suffer. For example. in the Pacific Ocean, acidification has become rampant due to climate change. This acidification has caused numerous animal populations to die off and has encouraged extinction. Furthermore, if our ecosystems suffer, this will eventually affect the human population

      Climate change is extremely closely connected to public policy, as there have been numerous acts and laws passed during the Obama administration, aiming to encourage education, research, and support about the issue. Although our current president does not believe in climate change, climate change has been a heavily debated topic in the current democratic debates.     

            During the modern democratic debate, one of the most novel policy proposals is the idea of a Green New Deal, supported by numerous candidates running for office. This Green New Deal intends to combat unemployment, while encouraging climate change awareness, by employing people in government jobs in work sectors (i.e energy efficiency, etc.), aimed to prevent climate change. Through my civic actions, I would like to do my part to encourage this policy to be eventually executed, as this policy would encourage awareness and action regarding the issue of climate change.

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