You can be a part of creating a Sughar Center! Sughar provides socio-economic empowerment to tribal women in Pakistan by establishing Women’s Learning and Skill Development Centers in selected rural communities. Each Center provides a 6 month course to tribal/rural women on creating value through traditional embroidery creation & enterprise development. Sughar Centers also provide basic education and literacy skills to rural women which builds their decision making abilities and increases their contribution in their households and lives. With your support, within only three years, this center will be completely self-reliant and sustainable!

According to UN about 1000 women are killed in the name of honor each year in Pakistan, thousands are exchanged into marriages and given off in marriage at the age of 9-10 years. Violence against women in the name of honor and customs have been persistent throughout the years because women have been kept away from education, awareness and the right to decision making. We at Sughar believe that there is a way this issue can be solved by unleashing the potential in women.

How will this project solve this problem?

By establishing Sughar Centers! A Sughar Center is a hub in each village offering a 6 month course to 30 tribal women providing training and facilitation on basic education, creating value through producing traditional embroidery, life skills and enterprise development. During the 6 month course the women go through a life changing process of learning and understanding their rights through exposure visits, trainings and sessions from external tutors. At graduating they receive a loan to start businesses.

Potential Long Term Impact

The whole idea of unleashing the potential among women in this project is to create that long lasting impact for women leadership and decision making which will change many generations to come. Women will be more aware of their rights and the position they hold as a human being. Their knowledge and education will change the futures of their daughters and many will even create long term impact by hiring women in their businesses, growing them enough to change the economy and many lives.


Sughar- Giving Women Wings

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