Afgooye Corridor, Somalia
Our exciting project promotes 40 women entrepreneurs in south-central Somalia. Since the project piloted in last year at our Women’s Education Centre, we have trained 20 women on small-scale production on soap, introduced them to markets for sale, and helped promote best sanitary practices. Now we want to expand our program to reach 20 more women women, increase production, and create educational business classes for our students. Our goal is to empower women to become future leaders.

The project provides an opportunity for women, aged 16 – 50, to participate in income-generation activities to support their households, access education at our Women’s Education Centre, and equip them with the business know-how to expand their role in the markets. Through training & mentoring, our students will become aware of their rights as contributing members of society, begin to practice their rights, and serve as informed future leaders for both their children and the community.

The expansion of the project will train 20 women. Each women will impact an additional 10 members of their immediate and extended families, allowing us to reach 200 more beneficiaries who will witness the role of educated women entrepreneurs. Moreover, the selling of soap will improve sanitation practices in multiple communities. As women are key to creating a healthy and educated household, the project contributes directly to the peace-building and consolidation process in Somalia.

After 23 years of civil war, women have become the primary breadwinners in Somalia. However, she continues to suffer from the brunt of poverty, lack of access to healthcare, education, and basic rights. Women face widespread gender-based violence, one in every 16 women risks a maternal death, and only 15.2% of young girls can access education (UNICEF). Nonetheless, it is the woman who will raise the next generation and who will be key to sustaining long-lasting peace in Somalia.

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The Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (DHAF) is an independent non-profit organization that is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States. The Foundation aims to raise funds to provide emergency relief to Somalis stricken by war and famine, while empowering them to take command of their own futures. We are one of the oldest NGOs operating inside of Somalia, and over the last 30 years, hundreds of thousands of Somalis have come under our care.

Our Foundation is uniquely positioned to deliver change on the field, for we are a Somali-run organization with decades of experience serving the community in Afgooye, Somalia. We stress creating sustainable projects that can be carried out by Somalis for Somalis.


Train 40 Women Entrepreneurs in Somalia

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